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jQuery UI, ThemeRoller and jQuery 1.3

[caption id=”attachment_259” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”jQuery UI ThemeRoller 2”]jQuery UI ThemeRoller 2 [/caption]

jQuery UI is coming close to 1.6 and today a new version of the Themeroller application was released. Just before Christmas the first beta of jQuery 1.3 was released for testing.

News in jQuery UI 1.6

  • New classes for error, highlight and disabled states

  • Extended,¬†sprite-based ThemeRoller¬†icon set

  • Class system for adding¬†rounded corners via CSS (Firefox and Webkit, gracefully degrades)

  • New ThemeRoller tool with inspector style view

  • Theme gallery with voting and user-generated themes

  • Improved documentation for generating custom themes and using the class framework

News in jQuery 1.3

  • Selector Engine (Sizzle)

  • DOM Manipulation rewrite

  • Event Namespaces

  • Event Triggering